Construction professionals: Do you need professional liability insurance?

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Construction professionals: Do you need professional liability insurance?

Construction professionals: Do you need professional liability insurance?

Professional Liability insurance   offers protection to construction professionals against claims made against them for professional negligence. This type of insurance can help to cover the costs of legal defense and any damages that may be awarded in a lawsuit. It is important to consider professional liability insurance when starting a construction business, as it can help to protect your business from financial ruin in the event of a lawsuit.
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What is included and not included in professional liability insurance

It is important to understand what is and is not included in professional liability insurance to ensure you are adequately protected. Generally, professional liability insurance will not cover claims for personal injury or property damage, false company advertising, employee injuries, and car accidents. You might want to check our General Liability Insurance, Worker's Compensation, and Commercial Auto Insurance  if you encounter these kinds of situations. If you are unsure whether a particular claim is covered by your professional liability insurance, be sure to check with your insurer.

What Activities Would Create a Need for Professional Liability?

  • If your company enters a design-build or construction management project.
  • If your construction company hires any licensed professionals, like architects and engineers, or subcontracts their professional services for a fee
  • Any construction company that performs any construction activities for a fee.
  • If a company assists project owners in the selection of professional services, such as architectural or engineering services, and/or assists in the directing of these services for the owner.

How to get Professional Liability Insurance?

Here at Pascal Burke Insurance Brokerage, you can purchase professional liability coverage through our website and get a quick quote online!  Once insured you can receive your certificate of insurance instantly, and you're ready to do business.

Try out our Contractor Insurance Needs Calculator   to easily find the best-fit insurance coverage available for your business. Our customer service representatives are ready to take your call Monday-Friday.  For any inquiries, you can reach us at 877-893-7629 or visit our website

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Pascal Burke

Pascal Burke Insurance Brokerage was established around 2009, Our president Pascal Burke began his knowledge of construction in 1973 as an architect's apprentice at the age of 15 then started his own construction Firm around 2005 specializing in parking structures.