Your First Step in Insuring Your Construction Business: A Strategic Guide for General and Artisan Contractors

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Your First Step in Insuring Your Construction Business: A Strategic Guide for General and Artisan Contractors

As a general or artisan contractor, navigating the world of business insurance can seem daunting. Whether you're just starting or looking to reassess your current insurance coverage, the right approach can make a significant difference. Our mission is to simplify this process, starting with a critical first step: completing a comprehensive insurance needs survey.  

Why Start with a Survey? The insurance needs survey is tailored specifically for construction professionals like you. It is a crucial tool that provides:  

  • A detailed report of tailored insurance recommendations.  
  • Insights into various types of insurance, coverage limits, and necessary endorsements.  
  • An understanding of your unique risk profile, leading to more informed insurance decisions.  

Educate you regarding your Insurance Needs!  

My goal is to provide every contractor with a clear understanding of their needs.  The insurance needs report provides a you with this knowledge, allowing you to make informed decisions.   

Transitioning from Needs Analysis to Actionable Steps  

Once you've completed the Insurance Needs Survey, you'll have a clear roadmap of the specific insurance coverages your business requires. This is where our active role in supporting your needs begins. With your permission, we'll start the process of obtaining quotes. Our approach involves sourcing quotes from multiple insurance carriers, ensuring that we find the right balance between comprehensive coverage and cost-effectiveness, as outlined in your Needs Report.  

Streamlining Your Insurance Acquisition  

Understanding that your time is valuable, we've streamlined the next steps to make them as efficient and hassle-free as possible:  

  1. E-Sign Application:We offer a digital application process, allowing you to securely and conveniently apply for your chosen insurance policies online.  
  2. E-Payment Solutions:Our electronic payment system is designed to make the transaction process straightforward and quick, facilitating a smoother path to securing your insurance.  

Post-Purchase Support and Accessibility  

Once your policies are bound, our service to you continues:  

  • Policy Access:You'll receive your policy documents and gain access to our online portal. This portal is your go-to resource for viewing your policies and managing your insurance details.  
  • Certificates of Insurance:Need proof of insurance for a project or client? Our portal allows you to easily obtain Certificates of Insurance, whenever you need them.  
  • Dedicated Customer Service:We're committed to being there for you. Whether it's providing full-service certificate management at no additional cost or assisting you in understanding your customers' insurance requirements, our team is ready to help. We pride ourselves on being more than just a provider; we're your insurance partner.  

We're Here to Help  

Remember, we're not just facilitating the purchase of insurance; we're building a relationship to support your business every step of the way. Whenever you're ready to proceed or if you have any questions, we're just a call or click away, eager to assist and ensure that your insurance experience is as seamless and beneficial as possible.  

Comprehensive Overview of Insurances Evaluated in the "Insurance Needs Report"  

1. General Liability Insurance (ISO Policy):  

  • Coverage: Protects against bodily injury, property damage, and personal injury claims related to your business operations, including Legal defense costs.  
  • Recommended Limits: $1M Occurrence, $2M Aggregate, $1M Completed Operations.  
  • Policy Form & Endorsements: ISO Policy 00 01 and Endorsements, the following endorsements should included Ongoing Operations, Waiver of Subrogation, and Primary Wording endorsements.  
  • Endorsements required for most Commercial Projects: Completed Operations and Per Project Aggregate endorsements.  

2. Commercial Auto Insurance:  

  • Coverage: Liability and physical damage for vehicles used in business operations,
  • Additional Coverage: Hired and Non-Owned Auto coverage is crucial. It provides insurance protection for employees using their own vehicles or rented vehicles for company business.
  • Endorsements required for most Commercial Projects: Waiver of Subrogation Endorsement and Named Additional Insured Endorsement.
  • Important Note: Personal auto policies do not cover commercial claims.

3. Workers' Compensation Insurance:  

  • Coverage: Covers the cost of medical care directly related to work injury or illness. This includes hospital and medical expenses such as doctor's visits, medication, and physical therapy.
  • Disability Benefits: Offers compensation for a portion of lost wages due to temporary or permanent inability to work caused by a work-related injury or illness.
  • Rehabilitation Benefits: Provides support and resources for rehabilitation, assisting employees in returning to work or acquiring new skills for alternative employment if they cannot resume their previous job.
  • Death Benefits: Provides financial compensation and funeral expenses to dependents of a worker who passes away due to a work-related injury or illness.
  • Commercial Work Additional Endorsement: Waiver of Subrogation Endorsement is often required for commercial projects.
  • Important Note: Work Comp is required for most states and or to hold a license.

4. Tools & Equipment Coverage (Inland Marine Insurance):  

  • Coverage: Offers protection against loss, theft, or damage of tools and equipment at the jobsite, in storage or in transit.
  • Coverage Details: Coverage is based upon value of tools and equipment.  Larger tools and equipment must be scheduled.

5. Other Insurances:  

  a. Excess Liability, Business Owners Policy, Pollution Liability, Professional Liability, Builder Risk, Installation Floater, Cyber Liability, Employment Practices liability, Surely & License Bonds.

Conclusion: Each insurance type plays a crucial role in protecting different aspects of your construction business. These tailored options provide comprehensive protection, addressing the specific risks associated with construction work and commercial projects. Your journey to securing the right insurance coverage starts with understanding your specific needs through our detailed survey, setting the foundation for peace of mind and stability in your business operations.


Pascal Burke

Pascal Burke

Pascal Burke Insurance Brokerage was established around 2009, Our president Pascal Burke began his knowledge of construction in 1973 as an architect's apprentice at the age of 15 then started his own construction Firm around 2005 specializing in parking structures.